Outing to Paradise Valley NR

16 September 2015

Five birders attended the outing.

Although the weather forecast was not good, we had quite a bit of sunshine.

42 species were recorded, and although the count wasn’t large, we did have some special sightings.

A sub-adult African Crowned Eagle entertained us with numerous fly-pasts. It eventually landed at the top of a dead tree. Some Hadedas were not pleased with this as they thought the tree belonged to them. They harassed the eagle for a while, but the eagle was not at all fazed by this and merely raised it’s crest in indignation and the Hadedas found another tree to perch on!

We later saw an eagle’s nest on a tree in the valley.

We also saw Red-backed Mannikins flying back and forth with nesting material for their nest they were constructing in a Hapephyllum caffrum. A Dark-backed weaver delighted us by entering it’s nest several times. It was not clear whether it was feeding chicks or busy lining it’s nest for a future family.

A pair of Mountain Wagtails kept us entertained at the waterfall.

Mountain Wagtail
Mountain Wagtail

We also saw African Firefinch, which was the first time I have recorded it at this reserve.The Black-headed Orioles called constantly throughout the morning which had us all ooh-ing and aah-ing over the beautiful liquid sounds! As did the frogs.

Clicking Stream Frog
Clicking Stream Frog

Sandi du Preez

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  1. sandi du preez says:

    Dave, we got the name of the frog from a frog poster outside the office!

  2. Dave Rimmer says:

    I’m no frog fundi but I don’t think that one is a Clicking Stream Frog??

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