Pigeon Valley

Report by Sandi du Preez

20 June 2018

It was a very overcast and gloomy day which often made it difficult to see  a bird’s features. After scanning the area around the notice board to look for the Spotted Ground Thrush, we made our way to the little patch of grassland. Here we were treated to a whole lot of Purple-crested Turacos flying back and forth between the trees – such a magnificent sight! Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the reservoir area as Crispin was not with us.

Purple-crested Turaco – Dave Rimmer

Sunbirds were scarce in numbers but we did see five of the six species present in winter at Pigeon Valley: – Amethyst, Collared, Olive, Purple-banded and a Grey Sunbird showing off it’s red pectoral tufts.

Tambourine Doves were calling incessantly from all parts of the forest and Southern Boubous serenaded us the whole morning as well.

Along the central path we had an excellent sighting of a group of very co-operative Terrestrial Brownbuls right out in the open. A Black Sparrowhawk flew overhead.

Terrestrial Brownbul – Dave Rimmer

At one stage a little troop of Banded Mongooses crossed our path and later on a few of us were lucky to see a single Slender Mongoose on the path behind the notice board. Here we thought that we heard a little snippet of a Green Malkoha’s call more than once, but being unsure we had to leave it off the list.

A Crowned Eagle called as we sat down for our picnic. We were very disappointed not to see a Spotted Ground Thrush at all. Someone suggested that maybe Crispin takes them home with him for safe-keeping!!

The count after the walk was 42, but Dave stayed on after we all left and he added another 5 species – so 47 species altogether. Click here to see the list.

Thanks to Dave Rimmer for the photos.

Sandi du Preez

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