BEKZN Birding Diary – August 2021

Club Activities Update

As we continue through these strange times we would like you to know that the committee has considered the club activities with member welfare and club reputation in mind.  In this regard we have sought knowledgeable, medical input on whether it is safe for the club to once again hold in-person activities.  A number of medical specialists have all provided the same input namely that although the country was moved to Level 3 restrictions that this was more of an economical decision rather than one based on covid infections and numbers.  It appears that numbers are as high as ever and therefore the risk remains.  

Therefore the club will not yet resume these in-person activities but we have a great line up of online activities to keep us talking birds.  .  Please do join us for these.  The last session on Confusing females and non-breeding plumages by Steve Davis was a lot of fun and great for refreshing your identification skills.  We will do more like this as well as have a session on the atlassing challenge, a quiz and a presentation from Cameron McLean on eThekwini Conservation Planning project.

REMEMBER: All members attend everything FREE – all visitors welcome with a payment of R50 to the club. Its easier to join with an annual fee of only R180 (<60) or R150 (>60)


Thursday 12 August @18h30 BE KZN’s Let’s Chat–Birds and Birding

LEARN ABOUT THE NATIONAL BIRD ATLAS PROGRAMME (SABAP2) For beginners or those wanting to fill in the gaps: Learn about atlassing – an interactive session where you can ask the questions you have always wanted to ask to understand the national bird atlas programme.  We will go through the basics of what the atlas programme is, what the SABAP2 database can provide and how you input into it.  SABAP2 is the most important bird monitoring project in the southern African region. Birding with a purpose will provide huge satisfaction, particularly when you are able to contribute valuable data to the SABAP2 programme.

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Wednesday 18 August @18h30 BE KZN’s Let’s Chat–Birds and Birding

GUEST PRESENTATION by Cameron McLean Biodiversity planning and protection in Durban- What are we doing and how can it be improved Cameron is a Senior Specialist Ecologist at eThekwini Municipality and has worked tirelessly on the Durban Metropolitan Open Space System (DMOSS) which covers the inclusion and protection of so many of our much loved areas for birding within the municipal boundaries.  Cameron will tell us a bit about how areas are included and the progress of implementation of the conservation plan to ensure our biodiversity hotspots support all life forms including a diverse and abundant bird population.

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Friday 20 August @18h30 BE KZN’s Let’s Chat–Birds and Birding

GET FAMILIAR WITH YOUR GARDEN BIRDS Twenty Common Garden Birds – For the beginners and those needing refreshing Come and learn about the most common garden birds so you can begin recognising these species wherever you are.  We will place close attention to diagnostic features and the obvious or easy calls.

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Wednesday 25 August @18h30 BE KZN’s Let’s Chat–Birds and Birding

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION #1 by Dave Rimmer Nibela Peninsular, Mpempe and Muzi Pans: This is the first session in a series that will profile great birding locations around KZN. We will have different people profile their favourite birding spots near and far – their location, how to get there, what they look like, facilities available, birds you can see there and specials.

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Friday 27 August @18h30 BE KZN’s Let’s Chat–Birds and Birding

Fun Birding Quiz Please join us online to keep the club connected and sharing and have some fun.  Have your drinks, thinking brains and mouse(s) ready and participate in teams or as individuals a fun birding quiz. We will have a general section, birds and culture, bird identification and a trick question or two.

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Monday 30 August @18h30 BE KZN’s Let’s Chat–Birds and Birding

BE KZN Colour Me Green, eThekwini Atlas Challenge Get updated on the challenge and raise any queries you may have. We will discuss the club’s  atlassing and chat through some of the issues we are seeing from club members and raised by club members for pentads and cards submitted.  The participants are encouraged to attend.  We will look through the species list and position of the challengers as well as the Full Protocol card data.

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