Thursday 9 September 2021

We all gathered in the car park just before 7:30 when the gates where supposed to open, but we didn’t factor in a big accident on the road delaying the municipal people from arriving and opening up. Luckily the car park has some good birds flitting around, so we were kept entertained.

There were also some people there for a religious outing to the waterfall including a beautifully dressed Sangoma.

Sangoma by Derek Whalley

We eventually got in just after 8am (even the people who said they’d be late had arrived) and settled down by the river in dappled shade (not enough sun for Mike). After a welcome cup of coffee a few people went for a walk over the bridge and along the river.

River Walk by Derek Whalley

The birding was slow but steady. A beautiful displaying African Crowned Eagle calling above our heads, a flitting view of Mountain Wagtail and it zoomed down (and later up) the river and a stunning male Greater Double-collared Sunbird were some of the highlights.

We ended up with a list of 47 species.  

Many thanks to Derek for the pictures.

Report byJenny Norman

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