BeKZN Sit-In: Memorial Park

13 January 2022

A cloudy day dawned with a hint of sun every now and again.  After all the rainy days it was good to get out and do some birding and the sit in was quite well attended with 8 people present.

A good position was found under the shade of a large tree with a view into the wetland and some thickets and we watched the passing parade.

The habitat – Jenny Norman

Paradise Flycatcher gave tantalizing glimpses as it flitted restlessly in and out of the bush in front of us.  

Paradise Flycatcher – Jane Morris

A very vocal Black-headed Oriole was persistent in its call and gave some good views to the sitters. 

Black-headed Oriole – Jane Morris

It was interesting to note that there were no breeding Red Bishops although we did get a Little Rush Warbler calling quite consistently from the reed bed.

One of the highlights of our morning was seeing in excess of 40 Woolly-necked Stork rising on a thermal and circling overhead.

Woolly-necked Storks – Jane Morris

Cuckoos were well represented with the calls of Klaas’s Cuckoo, Diederik Cuckoo and Red-chested Cuckoo being heard during the morning. 

As always we had the walkers who did various circuits and routes during the morning and managed to add to the list of birds seen.  One of the highlights was a good view of a male Violet-backed Starling accompanied by no less than two lady friends in their lovely brown stripped plumage.

Female Violet-backed Starling – Jane Morris

Tea was enjoyed by all while a stately Grey Heron flew overhead as a final farewell. 

Tea break – Jenny Norman

 45 species were seen while in the company of like-minded people.  Always a win.

Birders in action – Jane Morris

Outing led by Jenny Norman

Report written by Jane Morris

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