BeKZN Sit-In: Monarch Road, Westville

9 June 2022

The convenient sitting site – Sheryl Venter

The day was a beautiful autumn day, clear, sunny and no wind!  We parked along the road verge and sat in an area that seemed to have been set aside just for our chairs.

We started off quietly with quite a few common birds showing themselves but mostly birds were heard, but as the sun rays reached us so the birding picked up. A female Black Cuckooshrike showed itself very briefly before Sheryl (who had the key for the gate) led some of the members off on a walk. While the walkers were away, we had a good bird party with a White-browed Scrub Robin sitting out in the open.

White-browed Scrub Robin – Poobalan Naidoo

Streaky-headed Seedeater soon took its place after it had moved off. We then had a Palmnut Vulture that circled around us giving good views.

Palmnut Vulture in flight – Poobalan Naidoo

When the walkers got back, they were jealous of what we’d seen – but not for long as the Scrub Robin came back and gave an even better showing and a bit later the Vulture came and sat on top of a nearby tree with the morning sun showing it off well, when it flew off it was joined by a juvenile for a short while. These two bird species gave some people lifers!

We ended up with a small bird party playing around in the vegetation along the fence-line.

Cape Glossy Starling – Poobalan Naidoo
Olive Sunbird – Poobalan Naidoo
Southern Black Flycatcher – Poobalen Naidoo

Thanks to Sheryl for suggesting this place and organising the key for us.

Total number of birds – 36

Written by Jenny Norman

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