Magpie Mannikins nesting in Jubilee Park


Yesterday we (Peter and Jenny Spence, Tessa White and I) were atlassing in Jubilee Park and then North Park. The first birds we saw at Jubilee Park were six Magpie Mannikins,all busy carrying nesting material to a small tree. On investigating there was no sign of even a half-built nest. I am not sure what records there are of Magpie Mannikins breeding in  KZN but I would be interested to know.

Sarah Burns

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2 Responses to Magpie Mannikins nesting in Jubilee Park

  1. sandi du preez says:

    I was at Jubilee Park this morning and also saw the magpie mannikins. At first I casually passed them off as bronze mannikins but they looked bigger and darker so I checked my Sasol when I got home and then realised what I had seen. I still doubted myself but your report the confirms this.

    Sandi du Preez.

  2. Herman Bos says:

    Hi Sarah
    They certainly must breed here, We have had immature birds at our feeder for the last three or 4 years. They are now resident and as good as permanently at the feeder. We live on the Palmiet nature reserve.,

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