Simbithi Estate, Salt Rock, KZN North Coast. Sunday, 22/6/14.


Dudley Wang…Simbithi Estate res.

Mike O’Donoghue.. Simbithi Estate res.

Mike White.  BLPN.

Sandy du Preez  [ Virginia Cameron]

Antony Humphries [with Ros & Mo]

Ros Conrad.

Cheryl & John Bevan.

Rex Aspeling

We met @ 07h00  at the Simbithi main gate and, then drove to the Heron Centre to park. The two Simbithi residents then guided us on a trail which passed along a  well covered section of riverine bush, through some open grassland to a valley with two dams on a perennial seep. The top dam had a Fulvous Duck swimming on it and the lower one had been the favourite haunt of a White-backed Duck the previous week, but which was not evident when we were there.

After the walk of about 3km, we arrived back at the Heron Centre to have a very comfortable breakfast on the veranda of the centre overlooking a large dam.

Mike White

Photos of some of the birds seen, courtesy of Rex Aspeling:

In total we saw about 70 different birds of the estate which lists nearly 200 species.

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