Oribi Vulture Restaurant

Despite the new hide being burnt down earlier this month, this venue is still probably one of the best viewing sites to see Cape Vultures.

The new hide is already being rebuilt through the generosity of a local builder and when complete will be about 40 metres from the restaurant with excellent viewing over level ground.

Not only will it be possible to watch the vultures carnivoring the carcasses from the hide but it is also possible to walk to the edge of the cliff and see the nesting sites below and watching the vultures catch the thermals and gliding past within metres.

Currently there are over 30 nesting sites and in total more than 120 Cape Vultures have been counted at this site – including many juveniles thought to have come from elsewhere.

If you visit please look out for shoulder tags on the birds and report these sightings to your guide.

The site is located on the private property of a local farmer and can only be visited by booking through BirdLife Trogons – www.vulturehide.blogspot.com.

A few photos from the area:




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