Burman Bush – Saturday 5 May 2018

We had a good turn out and the weather was not too bad.   The birding was not that great, out total bird count was 43 and of that, at least 20 was only ID’d on call!  At least we are improving on our bird calls.

The best thing of all was that there were no ANTS!!!  Maybe because it’s the start of winter – will have to try a summer visit next year when the birding should be better.

We had visitors from Reno, Nevada in the USA join us: Ken Pulvino and his wife Teri who have been touring our beautiful country.   Hopefully they enjoyed the walk and the talk, the Saturday Chat Show was in fine voice!!   I understand that the first Saturday in May is Big Global Day, we will have to find out more and maybe we can participate next year.

I have set out below the birds seen/heard.   Not one raptor, somebody thought they saw something shoot by but no ID, could have been the Black Sparrowhawk, we did find the remains of a Red-eyed Dove below one of the big trees!   The photos of the two butterflies, at least I think so and am happy to be corrected, are a Blood-red Acraea and a Green-veined Emperor.

Bar-throated Apalis; Black-collared & White-eared Barbet; Southern Boubou; Terrestrial Brownbul;  Dark-capped Bulbul; Grey-headed Bush Shrike; Green-backed Camaroptera; Pied Crow; Darter (flying down to the river); Red-eyed, Rock & Tambourine Dove; Fork-tailed & Square-tailed Drongo; Ashy & Dusky Flycatcher; Sombre Greenbul; Hamerkop; Hadeda Ibis; Bronze Mannikin; Black-headed Oriole; Tawny-flanked Prinia; Black-backed Puffback; Red-capped Robin Chat (aka Natal Robin); Black-bellied & Red-winged Starling; Woolly-necked Stork; Amethyst, Collared, Grey & Olive Sunbird; Little Swift (absolutely masses in the sky);  Olive & Spotted-Ground Thrush; Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird; Purple-crested Turaco; Dark-backed, Spectacled, Thick-billed & Village Weaver; Cape White-eye; Golden-tailed Woodpecker.

Even though the birding was a little sparse, it was an enjoyable morning and as always excellent company.

Thanks to John & David for the photos and also John for collecting our Americans from their hotel and then taking them on for a bit more birding along the Umgeni.

Report by Elena Russell

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